Appeal to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on the crisis of state notary offices

Public notary offices: overload, live queues and misunderstanding of digitalization

Volunteers of the NGO GO UNKD made calls to state notaries in the “mystery shopper” mode, posing as citizens who need to perform ordinary notarial actions. Calling information was extracted from an open register of notaries.

As a result of the surveys, the following problems were identified for a randomly selected 69 public notary offices:

Problem typeValueComment
Contacts are not relevant33The registry is not validated
Notaries complain about the large workload and offer an appointment in 1-2 months20Uneven load or just false complaints? How is the accounting proceeding – is it not clear?
Refuse to perform notarial acts44No comments. Just sent to private notaries
Live queue73No COVID-19 protection measures, no e-record as a class
Everything is fine, come, let us do it, there are no queues1Kozyatinska sovereign notarial office

In the course of surveys of public notaries, the following trends in relation to digitalization were observed:

·         are afraid of computer viruses

·         do not see the point – what if they turn off the Internet

·         fear of disclosing the secrets of notarial actions

·         the management did not provide a system of electronic queues.

And if the first three points really carry some meaning, then the last one is the direct non-participation of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in digitalization issues.

Is it difficult to provide a booking system for electronic queues through a simple registration form on the website? In fact, the citizen chooses the type of notarial action, region / city and sends a request. The system analyzes the registration of the reservation with the notaries and offers the best option, connecting the visitor with the notary who best meets all the requests.

Probably yes. This is a really complex system, because in words it all just sounds simple enough, but it still needs to be created and implemented.

And such a system has been created! Volunteers of NPO GO UNKD on their own have developed a system of automated electronic queues for notaries –

This socially important project allows you to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection while in live queues, evenly distribute the workload between notaries and help Ukrainians normally receive notarial services according to the standards of the 21st century, and not according to outdated methods inherited from the times of the USSR.

The only thing left is to provide an interface for integration. To begin with, it will be enough to register the notaries themselves directly on the website, where you can register online, however, the confirmation of registration must be certified by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to exclude the possibility of a stranger registering in the system under the guise of a notary.

By the way, the system is not limited only to state notaries – private notaries can also take part in it. It is enough to register.